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Death and Destruction 11-30-2005

November 30, 2005

Kinda late for the news today. Many apologies.
Syria Watch (we watch Syria): Hariri witness says he was bribed
The Nuclear Coin is coming up “proliferation” again: Iran encourages North Korean nuclear work with free oil and gas offer — This reminds me of an article I read a year or two (or a few) back; I forget where. The title as I remember it was North Korea: Proliferation for Profit. It was about North Korea developing nuclear technology to sell to *ahem* other countries to generate some income.
Violence and exploitation: Evidence of Death Squads Mount in Iraq — The Salvador Option in action?
Apparently OFFAL had something to add in the Iraq “discussion” today. But I’m not gonna link to anything about it. Here’s what Seymour Hersh’s report on the view from the Pentagon: UP IN THE AIR Where is the Iraq war headed next?
Lastly: Holyfuckingshit.

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