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News 11-16-2005

November 16, 2005

I Was Wrong, but So Were You – Parsing Bush’s new mantra.The White House did send Congress a classified National Intelligence Estimate, at nearly 100 pages long, as well as a much shorter executive summary. . . . The executive summary painted the findings in overly stark terms. And even the NIE did not cite the many dissenting views within the intelligence community. — This document wasn’t for the whole nation’s eyes. It was classified. Instead of “National Intelligenve Estimate” let’s call it the “Legislative Intelligenve Estimate.” OK? (Yeah, you caught me, I’m just after a more apt acronym.)
POCKET OF BIG OIL — Corruption in government. It’s not just “big oil.” This types a shit happens ev-er-y day.
Tamiflu Cited in 2 Teen Deaths, Report Says — Concerned about the bird flu? If you take the Tamiflu, be sure you’re with a friend you trust; so if you have a bad trip they can talk you down. — …the prescription drug in Japan began carrying a warning that says possible side effects include “abnormal behavior” and “hallucination[.]”
Meditate on This: Buddhist Tradition Thickens Parts of the Brain — Alls I need to do this is 40 minutes a day. Maybe I should start eating like a snake to free up time. —

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