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Laxy 11-2-2005

November 2, 2005

Gettin’ laxy (lax, lazy) with the links:
Washington Post: CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons — Requisite story of the day #1. For all you need to know about requisite story #2 for today, read Fafblog!:Stunt Stunt Stunt Stunty McStunt!
The Anti Alito: from Grist via Alito’s not-so-clean record and Mother Jones: The Alito Opportunity
US Department of Labor .pdf file: Agreement with Wal-Mart Indicates Need For Stronger Guidance And Proceedures regarding Settlement Agreements — Love those governemnt titles. Especially like how they worked “agreement” in there twice.
NY Review of Books: The New York Review of Books: The Chinese Shadow
Slate: Star Wars: Episodes I-VI – The greatest postmodern art film ever. By Aidan Wasley — Star Wars as Art — The Force is, in other words, a metaphor for, or figuration of, the demands of narrative. The Force is the power of plot. — Yeah. I’m sure that’s exactly what Lucas had in mind.
Reuters: Tongue has built-in taste for fatty food

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