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Torture News 10-10-2005

October 10, 2005

Bush will veto anti-torture law after Senate revolt“We have put out a Statement of Administration Policy saying that his advisers would recommend that he vetoes it if it contains such language,” White House spokesman Scott McClellan warned yesterday. — Hmmm. Does this really mean OFL will veto it? Doesn’t seem like the brightest political move he could make. At 90-9, the Senate vote seems pretty darn bulletproof…
House should stand against torture — [The House of Representatives has] passed a similar appropriations bill that doesn’t contain any mention of torture. In conference, the amendment may be stripped from the bill. House leaders say they don’t want to send over a bill that is “veto bait.” — Sounds like something House leaders would say. So White House spokesman Scott McClellan’s ‘warning’ may serve a purpose after all. —

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