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Found Poety: Nonlethal Weaponry

July 11, 2005

when you’re dealing with people
whose full intent is to die
you can’t give people a choice
of whether to comply

what i’m looking for is a way
to shoot everybody and they’re all ok

Beam It Right There, Scotty

project sheriff
outfit vehicles in Iraq
with a combination
of lethal
and nonlethal

including a highly touted
microwave-energy blaster
that makes targets feel
as if their skin is on fire

the active denial system
by air force researchers
and built
by raytheon co
produces a millimeter-wavelength burst
of energy
that penetrates
1/64 of an inch into
a person’s skin
agitating water molecules
to produce heat

the sensation is certain
to get people
to halt
whatever they are doing

the stunstrike
it fires a bolt of lightning

it can be tuned
to blow up explosives
to stop vehicles
and certainly
to buzz people

the strike can be made
to feel as gentle
as broom bristles

or cranked up
to deliver a paralyzing jolt
that takes a few minutes
to wear off

stunstrike would be
particularly intimidating
in the middle east
because people there
are especially afraid
of lightning

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