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Guess What

April 27, 2005

No WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) were found in Iraq. No shit, I am not making this up.

Also, the CIA report found it “..unlikely that an official transfer of WMD material from Iraq to Syria took place.” We never said anything about any official transfer. It was most certainly an informal one. And, did we say Syria? We meant Jordan.

Another conclusion of the report:

..Saddam’s programs created a pool of experts now available to develop and produce weapons and many will be seeking work. While most will probably turn to the “benign civil sector,” the danger remains that “hostile foreign governments, terrorists or insurgents may seek Iraqi expertise.”

Hate to say “I told you so,” but, I told you so. But, that was in the haze of a pre-war hysteria binge. Not sure really what to believe now, where does the truth lie? Heheh (nervous laugher.) Are the experts really real, or bogeymen of the imagination? Maybe there are WMD someplace and the report just serves to cover US on our failure to find them. Naah, it’s all too complicated. Maybe Patrick Duffy just dreamed the whole thing.

forced to face the Santa Claus truth
having been suspicious for some time
reflecting on the lies that perpetuated the myth
despite it all, still clutching the notion
perhaps to ease the embarassment at being duped by trusted ones
perhaps to keep some spirit, or sense of comfort alive
perhaps the myth serves another purpose:
to explain, or lend legitimacy, to something altogehter different
something less elegant, more mundane– the truth.

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