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A Little More

April 8, 2005

The world has changed. After the tragic and terrifying events of 9-11 it has become obvious that we need to re-evaluate our priorities and ideals. Citizens must never forget how terrifying the landscape has become. Citizens must be vigilant of the terrorist cells that most certainly lurk in our beloved Homeland. Citizens must face the growing threat of the MS-13 gang that, with al-Qaeda, poses a tremendous homeland security challenge. This group has reached it’s tendrils into our cities, suburbs, small towns and remote outposts. They speak Spanish and are extensively tattooed. Their trade is running drugs and illegal people across our borders. They practice high crime and kill indiscriminately, hacking innocents to death with machetes on our streets.

We must remember that it’s our institutions– our governments, churches and corporations, –that make our country great and strong. We must rely on our institutions to guide us through this period of darkness. One needs look no further than the evening news to see that people are easily corrupted. People are capable of committing immeasurable harm. Institutions are benevolent beings; though often relying on people for their day-to-day operations, they remain essentially incorruptible. As higher beings, they are able to weed out the corrupt people that threaten to poison the well.

Patriotic citizens, as the beneficiaries in our civil society, must acknowledge the services and benefits our great institutions provide. In accepting these benefits, they owe an obligation to serve– in the interests of these institutions. At the same time, institutions pledge to protect, comfort and provide for their people in frightening times. In light of these obligations, and in the post 9-11 environment, it has become clear that it is time to reform the way we govern, teach and do business.

Fortunately, thanks to dynamic, forward-thinking, proactive leadership, the transformation is already under way. We have made great strides through media control in homogenizing pubic opinion and marginalizing treason. With the improvements we have implemented in the electoral system, we are now guaranteed appropriate election results that we can trust. Thanks to these two developments, we have built political capital, earned a mandate and established a strong footing in the executive and both houses of congress. We are beginning to be able to provide the kind of uncompromising, strong leadership that our country needs right now.

We need to use this strength and resolve to protect the homeland. We need to also project our might out into the rest of the world to protect our interests abroad. The need for strength demands a look at the source of strength; which is power. Political power and military might are the children of economic power. Economic power is hard earned and always at risk. When evildoers threaten our economic power we need to act swiftly and definitively. Reaction to attack is not advantageous. We need to address threats proactively. We need to preact not react.

Going forward, aware of the necessity to predict dangers, and remain flexible in the capacity to protect the economic power of our institutions, it will be necessary to improve the functioning of our court system. It is time that the courts reflect current reality and the ideals of our religious heritage. Too, the system needs to respect the rights of the benevolent beings that make us great, and allow them to operate unfettered.

We must pay our institutions the respect of protection against litigious, corrupt people with an excessive sense of entitlement. We must allow them to self govern within the natural constraints of the market system without undo influence. We must afford them, and our leaders, the ability to act with impunity to protect our security in the Homeland and our interests in the world. The system needs to preserve life for patriotic citizens victimized by corrupt people. To do these things, we will implement the bold new doctrine of Institutional Immunity and Precedence of Life.¹ Congress and the executive shall provide the appropriate guidance to the courts and intervene as necessary to deal with judicial activism.

Loyal citizens, embrace and support this new doctrine. Rest assured, it will offer you the necessary protection against the uncommon threats you face every day. As long as you are not a terrorist, killer, abortionist, saboteur or otherwise corrupt, you need not be concerned about these changes. As always, remain vigilant. Steel your resolve. Take comfort that our great nation is the hand of God in this world: gentle protector, and stern punisher. Wielding the power of God we will win this war.

`1. Notwithstanding`

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  1. Nick permalink
    April 14, 2005 8:41 PM

    I’m really, _really_ glad this is satire.


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