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American Nun Shot Dead in Brazil's Amazon

February 12, 2005

Two gunmen shot U.S. missionary Dorothy Stang in an isolated jungle settlement of landless peasants 30 miles from the town of Anapu in the state of Para, police and fellow religious workers said.

“It was three shots at point-blank range,” said Sister Betsy Flynn of Stang’s order, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. “She received so many threats; I just never thought it would happen.”

“Two hired gunmen have now been identified and there are other people involved. There are witnesses that will be protected,” Human Rights Minister Nilmario Miranda said in an interview on national television. He used the word “pistoleiro,” used in Brazil to describe a contract killer.

Brazil’s government compared the killing of the award-winning activist to that of legendary Amazon campaigner Chico Mendes, who was gunned down in 1988 and became a martyr in the fight to save the rain forest and protect its people.

Yahoo! News – American Nun Shot Dead in Brazil’s Amazon

  1. February 14, 2005 12:02 PM

    Strange. I checked the link in the above article today, and it’s almost a completely different story. Much of what I quoted is gone now. Additionally (or “subtractionally”), in the original story, someone in the Brazilian Government (I believe) expressed anger that this happened amidst efforts to improve human rights conditions. Why has this been toned down so much, and why has the original article disappeared?

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