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The Hydra

December 21, 2004

EVIL INCARNATE did an interview with Steve Inskeep on NPR’s Morning Edition today. He was defending his fellow neo-con, Donald Rumsfeld. In step with Rumsfeld’s comment the other day that “you have to go to war with the Army you have, not the Army you want,” Richard Perle said: “We went to war with the Army.. inherited from previous administrations, with Shinseki’s armor, with Bill Clinton’s Army establishment..” So, Perle is doing the usual thing: blaming anybody that doesn’t toe the neo-con’s line.

Ed: The audio is now available at NPR’s site.

We’d do well to remember that the armor plating for vehicles has been an issue for over a year.

So, even if someone wanted to blame someone else for someone’s problem, then someone should do something to solve the problem before someone else can say someone should have done something about it sooner. (I’m talking in Rumsfeld-ese, now.) What I mean is, Rumsfeld and the current leadership should have been on this from the start; and after a year passes without dealing with a problem they should be called on it (BY THE PRESS. C’mon, press!) when they try to blame someone else.

Perle made another interesting statement. He was opining on what the biggest mistake has been regarding the war. The exchange went like this:

Mr. PERLE: I think we have made serious mistakes and continue to make mistakes, although fewer, I’m happy to say, and the principal mistake is not military at all. It’s political. It is a failure to recognize that this war will be won, not by American military forces, but by Iraqis, and the failure to empower Iraqis, to trust Iraqis, to turn to Iraqis early was a dreadful mistake and we’re still not moving sufficiently in the direction of transferring responsibility to the Iraqis by giving them the resources they need to defend themselves.

INSKEEP: Should anyone be held responsible for that?

Mr. PERLE: Well, ultimately you have to hold the president responsible..

(!) Isn’t it interesting that he would go against the heretofore apparent policy that the President never be implicated in a mistake?

I compare this Administration to the Hydra, a ferocious beast with many heads. There’s the neo-con head, the Christian fundamentalist head, the corporate interest head, and the figurehead. Heheh. The heads co-exist and tolerate one another so long as each feels it profits from this bizarre symbiotic relationship. Or should I say codependency? Is Perle’s comment a sign that the heads may soon start snapping at each other? I’d love to see the Hydra eat itself; and I hope our country can rise from the ashes (I know I am mixing mythologies) and return to our ideals.

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