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Ringleader, My Ass

January 14, 2005

More found poetry from the headlines of the past days (a google news search for “ringleader”)..

Two charges dropped against Abu Ghraib abuse ‘ringleader’

Alleged Abu Ghraib abuse ringleader set for trial

Opening arguments scheduled for accused Abu Ghraib ringleader

Alleged Abu Ghraib Ringleader May Testify

Accused Abu Ghraib ringleader may testify at trial

Alleged ringleader at Abu Ghraib goes on trial

Alleged ringleader of prisoner abuse scandal goes on trial

Witness: ‘Ringleader’ Hit Detainee

Former colleagues testify against alleged ringleader of Abu Ghraib

Witness: Accused ringleader punched Abu Ghraib prisoner

Ringleader defends prisoner degradation

Jurors Decide Fate of Alleged Abu Ghraib Abuse Ringleader

Abu Ghraib ringleader found guilty

Abu Ghraib abuse ringleader found guilty

Ringleader convicted of abusing Iraqi prisoners

‘Ringleader’ still grinning

Once again we see that the media is in lockstep and really working the catchword of the week. This time it’s “ringleader.”

One question: If the prisoner abuse cases occurred in several places in Iraq as well as in Cuba and Afghanistan, how is it that an Army Specialist in Abu Ghraib prison is the “ringleader” of the whole thing?

Army Spc. Charles Graner Jr. was the “primary torturer,” one detainee testified. Graner merrily whistled, sang and laughed while brutalizing him, said Syrian prisoner Amin al-Sheikh, and forced him to eat pork and drink alcohol in violation of his Muslim faith.

No doubt this guy is a miserable piece of work and deserving of his punishment, but let’s try and not forget to hold the real ringleaders accountable because he aint it.

KOTV – The News on 6 – Soldier Said To Be A Laughing, Singing “primary Torturer” Convicted Of Abu Ghraib Abuse

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